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neck pain relief singaporeLooking for Back Pain Relief in Singapore? AcuPoint can help you relief your back pain through our unique accupunture technique and traditional chinese medicine (TCM). We will diagnose and apply pressure to the right energy points on your back to release the tension that is causing the pain. At the same time we will recommend actions that you can do to help improve your situation.

What are the common types and causes of Neck Pain?

The types of neck pain are acute, chronic and neuropathic, of which the chronic neck pains are due to years of using computer in incorrect posture, electronic devices such as iPhones, mobile phones, iPads for prolong hours that causes cervical neck pains.

Treatment of Back Pain & Neck Pain by Acu Point

It depends on the nature and severity of the condition. How well a patient respond and compliance with the treatment. For fresh mild injuries and sprains it can take as soon as 1 session to see results. After which for old chronic pains, like 10-20 years of traumatic injuries or sports injuries, it may take 4-6 sessions of treatment to see results. However due to various factors, the rate of recovery may vary among different individual.