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Looking for Acupuncture Treatment? AcuPoint has the experience and expertise to help you in your acupuncture treatment. Our team of specialists will help you diagnose and find the optimal acupunture treatment for your situation. Whether it is for Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief or any other pain relief, we can provide you the solution through traditional chinese medicine.

What is so good about Acupuncture?

There is no side effect unlike medications besides common known to help ease pain and relax muscles. Acupuncture is also used to improve the quality of sleep and boost the immune system and most importantly it does not create an addiction.

What do you expect during an Acupuncture session?

In AcuPoint, we only use single use disposable needles. As many patients have needle phobia, we use a cold spray during the acupuncture sessions, so a minimal or no pain prick sensation is felt. So after the spray, it is done.